A Love Affair with Bread

A name change to my working title for this book to ‘A Love Affair with Bread’. My research for this project is still underway and as I’ve said before it seems to become more complex the further I get into the project. A major part of ‘A Love Affair with Bread’  is set in France and it would seem that Boulangeries and Patisseries come and go in popularity similar to fashion particularly in Paris. Several of the outlets I was featuring are no longer favoured by the Parisians so I’m having to research quite a number of others during my trip this month

November 2018


I arrived in Paris on October 26th. I’m staying in the Les Halles precinct in the 1st arrondissment (district) so that I’m close to the original supply food area of Paris and to the myriad of baking supply stores also located in this area.

Over the last ten days I’ve visited many boulangerie, bought samples of bread and pastries and taken loads of photographs.

During this time I’ve decided to change the title of this book to:


I’ve also eaten in many cafés and restaurants as well to test the breads and pastries. I had read that the bread served at the newly renovated Ritz Hotel in Paris was amazing so at great expense I took myself there for lunch on November 1st (it was my birthday so that’s how I justified the expense). The bread was absolutely the best bread I have ever ever eaten and I even had a second piece. The wait staff had served my entree which I totally ignored while I wolfed into the second piece of bread!!! I was a little embarrassed and though perhaps I should explain I was a ‘Bread Addict’ but I didn’t bother.

This is the bread:


The Secret Garden Dining room staff at the Ritz also surprised me with this divine little birthday cake:


Oct/Nov 2016


Planning my next trip to Paris in a few months to continue with the research for my Paris Métro travel book project. I’ve decided to stay in the foodie area Les Halles as I’m now including in the book the best of the best Parisian cafés, patisseries, boulangerie, chocolate stores, baking schools, bakery supply outlets, street markets etc. This project seems to get more complex by the day but at least it is keeping me busy.

Today I discovered two bookstores in Paris that specialise in Cookery and Bakery books so I’ll certainly be paying them a visit.


In Spring 2015 I spent two months in Paris finalising my research on the Metro for this project. I’m now at formatting stage first draft planned for late 2016


On my trip to Paris in Autumn 2014 I researched 69 of the 300 Paris metro stations and took 2,000 reference photographs for the book I’m working on. Now setting up a system to file all the photographs by Metro station and compiling lists of items of interest  at each location.

I was especially fascinated with the area around La Defense metro stop at the north/western termini on Ligne 1.


*  *  *

I’ve taken some amazing photographs of the Paris Metro for the book I’m working on ‘My ten days in Paris’.

November 2014. In Paris now and have started my exciting research on the Paris Metro. Have been fascinated by what I’ve found at some locations that the tourist just following the tourist guides may never see

BASTILLE 11 copy

*  *  *

This is the working title of my next book which I have the structure for – now the work starts and I’m leaving for Paris this week to begin the research for the book.

It will primarily be about travelling on the Paris Metro which I have been fascinated with for many years and I finally have time to start the on the ground research required. On this trip I hope to research the Metro lines 1, 2 and 4 time permitting.


If you have any interesting stories about the Paris Metro please let me know.

mytendaysinparis@gmail.com  –  tel: 61 433 347 013


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