They Met In Paris

‘They Met In Paris’ PaperBook & eBook available at
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This book is an anthology of ten stories on ‘Passion’ from ten passionate women writers who met in Paris in 2012.The writers are from a diverse range of backgrounds but they all have in common a love of writing and literature. Each writer chose their subject and the task of writing their stories commenced in January 2014. Some of the stories are factual, some include fiction, some are memoir based and others are a mixture of all these.

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Great launch at Gleebooks in Sydney full house sold loads of books.
October 2014
Book published by: TMIP Publishing
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Authors signing books at the launch
Book published by: TMIP Publishing
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Authors of They Met In Paris
signing copies of the book for the launch next week
signing 1
Dispatching books now
Book published by: TMIP Publishing
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‘Somewhere along the journey of my self-discovery I realised
I was absolutely passionate about travel’.
Travel by Miriam Wride
*  *  *
‘The moment I heard the beautiful harmonics of the French
language at the Charles de Gaulle airport, I was entranced’.
Paris by Louise Wawatai
*  *  *
‘Books and reading are as familiar
and necessary to me as breathing’.
Reading by Judith Bunn
*  *  *
‘When I’m in Paris I love the tradition of buying
a fresh baguette several times a day’.
Food by Carole Lethbridge
*  *  *
‘She knew that she wanted to dive into life,
grab it by the throat and push it to the limits’.
Life by Anne Whaite
*  *  *
‘I will recollect and lay bare some of my
romantic experiences, some for the first time’.
Romance by Valerie McCrae
*  *  *
‘…I miss you.
I want you.
Take me deep within your cavern.
Come lay beside me on my bed’.
Women by Diana Wilde
*  *  *
‘Families incorporate every aspect of the human conditions’.
Family by Roslyn Phillips 
*  *  *

‘Time stands still at that instant when you meet your baby for the first time’.

Protect by Susan Mansfield

*  *  *
‘The 1950s vintage style was an aesthetically  beautiful and
glamorous  era that should never be forgotten’.
Vintage by Sierra Phillips
*  *  *
Book published by: TMIP Publishing
For details and books email:
telephone: +61 433 347 013
The book is available as a PaperBook and eBook from September 2014.
PaperBook au$25  eBook au$8.50

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